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Real Estate development is capital intensive and whatever the financial approach or combination of approaches to be adopted for the realization of the project and whether the project is a private or public good, it is important to assess the likely performance of the investment before embarking on it. This underscores the need to carry out project appraisal for all forms of proposed projects.

A necessary prerequisite to testing the viability of a project is to examine its practicability or otherwise. This is termed Feasibility Test which seeks to answer the question, “can it be done?” Viability Analysis examines the profitability or otherwise of the project and answers the question, “should it be done?” Several techniques can be used to determine the viability of a project depending on project type and objective. Further assurance on the performance of a proposed project can be obtained by a consideration of what-if scenario about the probable changes in major economic variables of the project. We achieve this through a broad-scope Sensitivity Analysis.
Proper project planning requires detailed appraisal in order to ensure rational investment decision either by private or public real estate investors. We present in this proposal, our professional project appraisal service for your consideration in expressing our interest in being of service to you in the area of project appraisal.




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